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We have a vision of our commercial truck driving school helping many people enter a rewarding career.

At Sunny Truck Driving School, we believe quality training is crucial for helping commercial truck drivers become the best at what they do and as safe on the road as possible. In 1995, we decided to open a commercial truck driving school that we felt would offer that necessary training for anyone who wants to make a career out of driving a commercial truck.

About Sunny Truck Driving School in Queens, New York

In our more than 25 years as a commercial truck driving school, we have helped thousands of drivers realize their dream of becoming a commercial truck driver. Our training program is also suitable for current drivers who want to become safer drivers. In addition to wanting to make the highways in the Queens, New York area a bit safer, we also had the vision of helping people enter a career that didn’t require years of education or cost a fortune for that education. By keeping prices low at our commercial truck driving school and developing training courses that can be completed in a few months, we believe we are making that vision a reality.

A commercial driving career is an excellent choice for someone who loves to drive and wants peace of mind that their services will continue to be in demand. Goods will always need to be moved from one place to another, and commercial trucks are the best manner to accomplish that in most cases. Imagine all the different types of cargo that you could be transporting, and you’ll see what a rewarding feeling it can be to move into this career with help from our commercial truck driving school.