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Our bus driving courses put you on the path to a new, exciting career!

Take a moment and look at any job boards or job websites that list bus driver openings. You will notice that there is significant demand. The hourly rate of pay is an excellent reason to consider a career as a school bus, city bus, or tourist bus driver. Some companies also offer sign-on bonuses and other inducements.

Bus Driving Courses in Queens, New York

To qualify for a bus driver position, you must possess the applicable license. At Sunny Truck Driving School, we offer bus driving courses for those in the Queens, New York area seeking a CDL Class BP license as the first step to a bus driving career. A Class B CDL license qualifies you to drive other vehicles, as well, such as delivery trucks, box trucks, and dump trucks.

We offer packages for our bus driving courses, so you can choose an option that best fits your needs. Take our full permit preparation course so you can obtain all the endorsements required by the DMV. Our bus driving courses are also perfect as refresher courses. You can opt for one or more 2-hour lessons or a road test to ensure your driving and knowledge proficiency.

Our packaged bus driving courses include the Commercial Driver’s Manual, all necessary forms and applications, and lessons and road tests, as follows:


10 hours of Lessons & 1 Road Test


14 hours of Lessons & 1 Road Test


20 hours of Lessons & 1 Road Test


24 hours of Lessons & 1 Road Test + 2nd Road Test Free


30 hours of Lessons & 1 Road Test + 2nd Road Test Free


36 hours of Lessons & 1 Road Test + 2nd Road Test Free


40 hours of Lessons & 1 Road Test + 2nd Road Test Free

If you have questions about our bus driving courses or would like to get started training for an exciting new career, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.