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Prepare for a successful career as a bus or truck driver with our comprehensive CDL courses.

One of the great things about our country is that there are plenty of career opportunities. You don’t even need to spend years obtaining a college education to do well! One case in point is becoming a truck or bus driver. The demand for CDL drivers is on the upswing, with some forecasts saying there could be severe shortages of qualified drivers over the next few years. There are two positive outcomes of this: plenty of work available and increased pay rates.

CDL Driving Courses

Even better is the news that you do not need years of training and education to get started. CDL training doesn’t take long at all! At Sunny Truck Driving School, our CDL courses are the perfect solution for those in Queens, New York or any of the 5 boroughs or Long island who want to get started. We offer three types of CDL courses:

CDL Class A Manual

Commercial Tractor-Trailer Driver Training Program (manual transmission)

CDL A Manual

CDL Class A Automatic

Commercial Tractor-Trailer Driver Training Program (automatic transmission)

CDL A Automatic

CDL Class B + P

Commercial Bus/Truck Driver Training Program


Our CDL courses won’t just prepare you for obtaining your CDL license through the DMV. They also help you be a safe driver and have the knowledge that trucking companies look for when hiring their CDL drivers or signing owner-operators.

Our package CDL courses include the Commercial Driver’s Manual, training for all the endorsements required by the DMV, all necessary forms and applications, and both road lessons and one or more road tests, depending on the package you choose. Our CDL courses are also available as refresher courses for current CDL license holders.

If you have questions about our CDL courses or would like to get started ensuring you have a successful career as a bus or truck driver, reach out to us today.